Handy Recovery


Recover recently deleted or damaged files


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Many users miss that fantastic command we used in MSDOS called undelete. That command was exceptional when you had a mistake and deleted some files you didn't want to delete.

Now you have a trendy application that does that, it's called Handy Recovery. Thanks to it, you will be able to recover files, no matter if they are damaged or deleted by mistake.

Handy Recovery scans your computer for recently deleted files and will show you information about recoverable files.

It supports lots of formats and drives. IT can recover files from Hard Disks, memory cards, diskettes, DVDs, USB Flash Drives,...

Don't worry, using Handy Recovery is very easy, it's very similar to the common file explorer, but this time you'll also see deleted and damaged files you can recover.

30-day trial version.
This trial version only recovers one file per day.

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